Words from Fabio

Solemnity of Christ the King: Pope Pius XI, in 1925, in the Holy Year, published the encyclical Quas Primas, in which he highlighted, the royalty of Christ, thus instituting the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe; seeking to combat a current of secularism that wanted to take God and Jesus Christ out of our lives. With the reform of the liturgical calendar, ordered by the Second Vatican Council, it was ordered that this Solemnity be celebrated at the end of the liturgical year. Where everything, part of Jesus Christ and everything culminates in Jesus Christ.

The reign of Jesus is marked by a style opposite to the forms of old and new societies. Proof of this is that the reign of Jesus is characterized by its transparency, where nothing is hidden; everything is clear and is revealed in the light of the Gospel; opposite case to the kings of this world where many intend to hide realities. It is coherent, that is, words and actions are connected with the reality of a people who have needs and a God who provides in the face of these difficulties; he put it to many kings, who only seek power and money. Finally, the reign of Jesus always seeks and will seek that all of us who are part of this earthly kingdom, can move on to enjoy the heavenly kingdom; different from the kings of this world, who cannot offer any of their followers a place in eternity with God; since that only belongs to God. You and I have the power and ability to choose between Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and those kings that the world provides, we both know what each one can offer and give.